welcome to wren's gardening page

I love gardening. It is good therapy and a stress-reliever to work with soil. This is a proven scientific fact. What a joy it is to see the 100 or so tulips pop out of the ground each spring, blessing our yard with their vibrant color and simplistic beauty. Creativity also has an opportunity to blossom in the creation of landscape designs.

My garden is a constant work in progress. My goal has been to create a garden that is 90-95% perennials, that is fairly maintenance free, will bloom from spring to fall, and will return year after year. Each year I experiment with a few new varities to test their compatibility with our soil and climate. If a perennial lasts thru the winter and re-blooms the next season, I add more of it to my garden. So far my garden is 75% complete after 3 seasons of trial and error.

I invite you to take a tour that includes some of my favorite garden photos. I've also included some tips and advice that I have learned along the way, as well as some links to some great gardening websites.