About the Webmaster: Wren's Garden

  • Do not order plants & flowers from mail-order catalogs unless you know exactly what you are buying and you are sure it is compatible with your soil and climate. The best place to buy from is your local nursery. I have found that catalogs promise you that everything they sell will flourish in your garden and only 10% of it actually will.

  • Water, water, water. The main reason most plants and flowers do not succeed is improper watering. Best thing to do is to get on some kind of regular schedule. Except for the hottest times of the summer, most outdoor gardens only need watering once a week (even less if it has rained).

  • Mulch, mulch, mulch. This is what maintains all the moisture in your garden so that all of your watering efforts are not wasted. I prefer pine bark mulch. It is very inexpensive and is one of the best things you can do to insure your garden's success. Use it generously (2-3 inches) and everywhere, replenishing it once or twice a year.

  • Pay attention to the sun needs of your plants. Plants that require "full sun" must have at least 6 hours of full sun each day. Without this, they will not flower as expected and are prone to disease. The majority of plants and flowers will work just fine in part sun/part shade. Getting color in a totally shaded area is very tricky. Your best bet is to go with colorful plants such as caladiums, ferns and hosta.