The BIOGRAPHY of Wynn Stewart

California & Capitol Records

In 1964, he resigned with Capitol Records. His first single for this new Capitol contract was released on 11/21/64. "Half of This, Half of That" spent 15 weeks on the charts and peaked at #30. This was followed up by "I Keep Forgetting That I Forgot About You", which spent 7 weeks on the charts, peaking at #43 (released 10/16/65).

He moved his family to Hacienda Heights, California, where his second daughter, Tatia Wynnette, was born on 8/14/67. Contrary to what you might have read in other places, Wynn never actually lived in Bakersfield. He did, however, have a great influence on what is now known as the "Bakersfield west coast sound". He played many of the honky tonks there as well as influencing the sounds of Merle Haggard and Buck Owens.

The Vegas band broke up and Wynn put together a new band and called them the Tourists. Whenever he would get on stage, he'd start off by introducing his band. He said he named them "The Tourists" so that they would be welcome everywhere they traveled, because in every town there was always a sign that said "Welcome Tourists". He and the band took to the road in support of his contract with Capitol Records.

Once during a Capitol closed-recording session, Audie Murphy asked Wynn if he could bring his 2 little boys in to listen. It was a real thrill for them to be there.

In 1967, he hit the peak of his career with "It's Such a Pretty World Today". This single was released on 2/25/67 and was on the charts for 22 weeks. It spent 2 weeks at Number 1 and was also voted Song of the Year by the Academy of Country Music. To date, this song has been included on more than 20 collaboration albums & CD's, over the past 30 years, which indicates it's longevity and continued popularity.

Las Vegas newspaper article

Billboard survey for 9/2/67

This hit single was followed by a string of Top 20 singles. "Cause I Have You" was released on 7/15/67, spending 16 weeks on the charts and peaking at #9. "That's the Only Way To Cry" was released on 8/5/67, spending 3 weeks on the charts and peaking at #68. "Love's Gonna Happen To Me" was released on 11/11/67 and spent 16 weeks on the charts, peaking at #7. "Something Pretty" was released on 4/20/68, spending 13 weeks on the charts and peaking at #10.


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