The BIOGRAPHY of Wynn Stewart

Moving to Texas

In 1968, he moved his family to Mansfield, Texas, just south of Fort Worth and Dallas, to be centrally located for touring. Wynn had always wanted to own a ranch and have horses. He was touring a lot so he didn't have a lot of time to ride. He had a Missouri Foxtrotter named Diamond, so named because he was dark brown with lots of tiny white specs of hair all over his belly. Dolores and Wynn went on a trailride once in Midlothian. All the other riders were getting saddle sore and wanted to trade horses with Wynn. He was the smart one because his was the only gaited horse in the bunch. Gaited horses are very smooth to ride on. He loved that horse but I remember getting bucked off of it once when my cousin, Kathy, and I tried to ride him double. :-/
There is a picture of Wynn and his horse in the Photo album section.

Following the success of "It's Such a Pretty World Today", Wynn concentrated on softer, more commercially acceptable material, and the result was a string of hit singles:

Wynn was also a regular on a weekly television show in Fort Worth, Texas, called "Panther Hall".

Ralph Mooney re-joined him briefly in Texas but then hired on with Waylon Jennings. Wynn left Capitol and signed with RCA in Nashville in 1972. Over the next 3 years he released a number of singles, which were all produced by Bobby Bare, such as:


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