The Very Best of Wynn Stewart
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The Very Best of Wynn Stewart

"Along with Merle Haggard, Tommy Collins and Buck Owens, Wynn Stewart was one of the leading figures of West Coast country music. He helped develop a style in the early '50s that would later become known as the "Bakersfield Sound."


The Tracks

  1. Come On
  2. The Long Black Limousine Come On
  3. How The Other Half Lives - (with Jan Howard)
  4. Above And Beyond (The Call Of Love)
  5. Wishful Thinking
  6. Wrong Company - (with Jan Howard)
  7. Heartaches For A Dime
  8. Playboy
  9. Big City
  10. If You See My Baby
  11. Big, Big Love
  12. I Don't Feel At Home
  13. One Way To Go
  14. Falling For You
  15. Three Cheers For The Losers
  16. Couples Only
  17. Another Day, Another Dollar
  18. Don't Look Back

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