The Early Years of Wynn Stewart
(1940's, 50's, 60's)

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Wynn and Family

Wayne, Wynn (7 yrs old), Ruth Ann, Beverly, Patty (1941)

Wynn's Dad, Mom, Beverly, (Wynn), Patty

Wynn (3rd from left) with cousins and sisters, Patty, Phyllis, Beverly, Wynn, Ronald, Richard, Ken, Cathy, Robert Gene (in no order)

Wynn (left) at 16 years old with his first new Gibson guitar and his agent, Larry Stowell (1950).
(Picture donated by Jackie Burns.)
Cecil, Tony, Wynn, Pete Wynn, Tony, Cecil, Pete Wynn, Tony, Cecil, Pete

The above pictures were donated by Cecil Bays, a former band member of Wynn's. They were taken in 1955 at Sherry's Red Barn in Paramount, California. At this time, the band consisted of Cecil Bays (lead guitar), Tony Amico (drums), and Pete Ash (piano and steel guitar).
Thanks a million Cecil!

Cecil, Skeets McDonald, Wynn, Tony, Pete The above (2) pictures are of Carl West, a steel player who played with Wynn in the late 50's at George's Roundup and Sherry's Barn in California

Wynn at Family Picnic
(27 yrs old) (1961)


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