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Barrel Racing Pole Bending

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Horses have been a part of my life since I was 4 years old. I can't imagine life without them. My husband wishes I'd treat him as well as I do my horses (LOL). Well, what can I say? I just love them. We currently have 3 horses and a pony. The horses are Joy, Derby and Stormy, all Quarter Horses. Joy is the horse that I compete on and Stormy is my husband's. Derby is my "project". I'll be training him for a couple of years until my oldest son is ready for a horse.

We ride our horses in competitions called playdays. Playdays are great for families because they involve the whole family (which is different than most other sports). We have anywhere from 5 to 9 events that are all similar to barrel racing. All of the events are timed. Whoever completes the pattern correctly, with the fastest time, wins. There are classes for all age groups, from 6 and under to 55 and over. So the whole family rides and cheers each other on.

Barrel Racing Flag Race

I have been competing in playdays practically all of my life. I got my husband into it when I met him. He enjoys it as well. We compete from March until October at arenas in the North Texas area. It is a somewhat inexpensive way to have fun since the entry fees range from only $1-5 per event. I have won 4 saddles, 21 buckles, 1 horse trailer, and numerous tack, trophies, and ribbons in the 30 years I've been riding.

We belong to the Pioneer Riding Club, which is in District 7 of the N.A.R.C.&S.P. (National Association of Riding Clubs and Sherrif's Possees), which I am also the webmaster for.


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This is a picture of my colt when he was only 1 month old. The mare is owned by my mom, Dolores. She is cutting-bred. Her name is Lena. Derby was born solid black but is gradually adding a little grey to his color everyday. When he is full grown he will be what is called a Blue Roan. This color is a black background with lots of silver hairs on top, giving the overall appearance a "blue" look. I can't wait to see how he turns out. He has cutting futurity champions (Doc Per and Doc's Hickory) on both sides of his papers so he has a lot to live up to.

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