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  • Harley Morris   29/Jan/2002:03:57:43
    I am a country musician, and a huge fan of Wynn Stewart, but who
    Nancy Hodgess   27/Jan/2002:09:42:23
    I am a presenter on Community radio here in Australia and I love Wynn's
    music. If only I could get more of it!!!!!!
    mike walkowicz   15/Jan/2002:04:14:03
    great singer songwriter definitely a HALL OF FAMER for country
    music I still enjoy his music today mike walkowicz toronto canada
    Rhett 06/Jan/2002:01:03:33
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    archie lowe   03/Jan/2002:18:59:47
    first saw wynn at " georges's roundup" in longbeach california in 1962
    i believe. ralph mooney on steel guitar - an old fender i think (
    complete with door hinges and coat hangers. next saw him in dallas
    texas around 1967 - 68 i beleve. also met his sister then. played lead
    guitar on one tour with him. don pierce on bass, junior knight on
    steel. front man was guy nelson. vern stoval also played bass at other
    times along with jackie tompson on steel guitar. larry bronson was on

    where is guy nelson ???
    miss the old days

    archie lowe
    rice texas
    jim smith sarge ove   03/Jan/2002:07:54:14
    BILL M JONES   03/Jan/2002:02:35:22
    Debra Presley   02/Jan/2002:20:56:29
    My step-dad knew Wynn he was asking me to find out what I could about
    him on the internet.My step-dad's name is Dolton Chalk.I hate to tell
    him that he has passed on.I just heard the playboy song and I just
    loved it.
    Robert L. Kitchell   02/Jan/2002:03:14:20
    I think Wynn was a great Singer and Entertainer and would love to have a
    CD of him in my collection. I am retired, but played Petal Steel Guitar
    for nearly forty years and was a great fan of his music and I reeally
    believe he should be in the Country Music Hall of Fame.
    Leonard G. Robertson   01/Jan/2002:17:30:34
    Myself and a couple of buddies sing a few of Wynn's song during amature
    local jam sessions. He has always been a favorite entertainer of mine
    ever since I left home in the Navy in 1960 on the west coast. Merle
    Haggard's biography attributes much credit to Wynn for his help. In
    particular, Wynn gave him a very successful song to record. Only a few
    older musicians around here recall him in person. You can rightly feel
    proud of his talents as well as his personal traits.
    Dalton Fuller   01/Jan/2002:17:03:55
    This web site is a great thing for fans all over the world. Wynn is
    not only one of the finest singer of all time but he was a fine man. I
    worked with him and found him to be one of the greatest in the
    business. His memories and music will live with me and many other fans
    for a long time to come. Know one could do to a song what he could
    do. I send my best to his family and all that knew him thru his music.

    hylton hall   28/Dec/2001:08:30:46
    Tim Whitlock 28/Dec/2001:03:23:08
    Wynn Stewart is my favorite C-&-W singer. I can't believe he's not in the
    Hall of Fame already! His music was a big influence on my own. My band
    covers three Wynn Stewart hits and we always make it a point to educate
    everyone at our shows about his wonderful singing and songs. Thanks for
    the website. I've only just found it and I want to get back and see
    more of it, but I wanted to let you know exactly what I thought of Wynn
    Stewart...he's simply the best!

    Best regards,
    Tim Whitlock
    Pete Richard   24/Dec/2001:18:29:32
    I really enjoyed running across this web page. I immediatly dug out
    two albums I had by Wynn. ST2737 It's Such A Pretty World Today, and
    T2332 The Songs of Wynn Srewart. It's such a shame that radio stations
    today have forsaken some of the great Classic country artists. Wynn
    Stewart is one of them.
    larry king   22/Dec/2001:23:45:51
    wynn's sound was so proprietary that two weeks ago tonight on dec 8 we
    walked up the steps of the quihi gun club located in the texas ghost
    town of quihi texas and before we could enter i heard the kick off to
    wishful thinking and i knew then that the boys inside knew what real
    country music was.....billy mata was on stage and i soon discovered
    that he takes an uncompromised committment to genuine music without
    apology....absolutely and totally killer
    Janice L. Henry   19/Dec/2001:15:04:48
    I am a young lady, age 33, however my parents were older when they had
    me (42 -&- 47). They used to sing together (stage shows) and I can
    remember them singing "It's Such a Pretty World Today," and I will
    never forget it. I just love that song!

    Bill Lear   15/Dec/2001:03:25:23
    One of my favorite songs is "That's A Lot Of Heartaches For A Dime"
    Wynn Stewart is real country -&- that's my kind of music.
    Richard Dickinson   13/Dec/2001:01:40:58
    I first heard his music back in the 60's. My parents seen him in the
    50's. Really liked him. Been a fan forever. I have a couple of LP's,
    The Songs of Wynn Stewart, and Its Such a Pretty World Today. Sure wish
    they were on cd's. There are really great sougs on sougs of wynn. Some
    I have not seen listed. .
    Harry Bjerkli Hank Buster 07/Dec/2001:10:11:54
    I'm playing Wynn Stewart over and over again. It seems that I never get
    tired of listening to Wynn. The box-set is going to be better and
    better each time I'm playing it.
    Several of my friends are now interested in that singer. And I know
    that some visitors on my music-site on mp3 wants to look for Wynn
    Stewart material after playing my tribute song " Only one Picture".
    That's very nice !
    On long distance travel in our car, my wife many times change to Wynn
    Stewart. We like that music !
    I repeat: Hall of fame without Wynn has no meaning !
    Merry Christmas and happy new year !
    Best regards
    From the far north
    Harry Bjerkli (Hank Buster)
    Allan Cates   06/Dec/2001:05:03:03
    I'm so glad to find this page. You've built a great website.
    I used to dance to Wynn's music in the Nashville Nevada club on the
    Henderson Highway in Las Vevas in the early 60s. I spoke many times
    with Wynn, Roy Nichols and Ralph Mooney. This band played the
    Bakersfield sound before it was known as such. Wynn had great guests
    there. I remember in particular Bobby Austin, Tommy Collins and a very
    young Merle Haggard.
    Wynn wrote and recorded many great songs. As a picker myself, I've
    sung "Wishful Thinking" and "Another day, Another dollar" in clubs in a
    dozen states.
    Wynn was taken from us too soon.
    Keep up the website. We enjoy thinking about Wynn Stewart and his music.
    Al Cates
    Jerry Howard   03/Dec/2001:13:45:29
    I have been a dj for some 35 years..all but about 2 as a country dj. I
    have always been a fan of Wynn Stewart. This man never has received the
    recognition he deserves. I remember playing "Hold Back Tomorrow" and
    all the old records by Wynn. I started in 1964 in radio. Only met Wynn
    one time..here in Greenville, South Carolina, on a show with Buck
    Owens, Freddie Hart, Rose Maddox, Susan Raye, The Hager Twins, and
    there were others on the show. It was a Buck Owens All America Show, or
    something along those lines. The radio station I worked for then, and
    still do, sponsored the show, as they did about 6 shows a year back
    then. I bought the Box set on Wynn, and I really do enjoy it. You don't
    hear this kind of music on the radio now. The station I work for, owned
    by Clear Channel communications, does play some of the older music, and
    I really do like that. He should be in the Hall of Fame. Keep up the
    good work promoting Wynn Stewart.. Thanks..Jerry Howard, Greenville,
    S.C. ps..I wor
    lynn ward   29/Nov/2001:22:46:45
    michael metro   29/Nov/2001:21:03:50
    i was born in bakersfield in 1957, met merle at buck's ranch. i
    wondered if i met wynn and didn't know any better. mike
    Daniel Goldstein   23/Nov/2001:03:52:35
    Hi, I am the son of the late Mrs. Phyllis Frick. Her mother is Beaulah
    O'neal who lives with Ken and Sandy Stewart in California. I am
    looking for any and all of my relatives on my mother's side. For those
    who don't know, my mother passed away and I'm still looking for
    relatives whom I haven't met and would like to meet. If you know
    anything of my mother (maiden name of Harrson, Frick was last name when
    she passed away) and her relatives (brothers, cousins, etc.), please
    email me with names and relationships. Thank you very much.
    WC Edgar WC Edgar Steel Guitar Site 21/Nov/2001:06:30:24
    From an experienced steel guitarist standpoint, Wynn was very cool.
    Wish I'd had the chance to work with him. Guys like that don't come
    around very often, especially these days. WC Edgar
    Ray Bauernhuber   18/Nov/2001:03:43:50

    Special man, special sound and as a fan I miss him. I'm grateful that I'm old enough to have enjoyed Classic Country and Wynn Stewart's music. Country would be well served to have talent like him today!

    Gene Smith iwon.com 16/Nov/2001:06:30:59
    I love Wynne Stewart's songs and his music. He was in the same era as
    were Buck Owens, Little Tommy Collins. "It's Such A Pretty World Today"
    is my #1 favorite by Wynne Stewart and "Another Day, Another Dollar" is
    my 2nd choice; however, I love all of his music and songs.

    Gene Smith
    JUDY HUNT   11/Nov/2001:16:33:29
    Sha Marie Gollihare   10/Nov/2001:21:59:19
    Vic Foster   10/Nov/2001:15:38:04
    Will be back. So far like what I see. Hall of Fame need Wynn
    Bob Evans   10/Nov/2001:12:35:12
    After reading what some of the others wrote in the guestbook I don't
    know what I can add that's different. Except to say that Wynn Stewart
    belongs in the Country Music Hall of Fame . . . can anyone match "Sing
    A Sad Song" or the classic "It's Such A Pretty World Today."

    There was only Wynn Stewart and unfortunately we lost him much too

    Anna Weaver   10/Nov/2001:02:13:55
    Nice job, I never realized this was your dad. I very well remember the
    song. My computer doesn't have a sound board at the moment, so I can
    not help you with your poll.
    Dennis Corson   08/Nov/2001:03:45:16

    This is a terrific site for Wynn Steward fans. I will be back again
    to check out more.

    Anita Anitina Web Stranica 04/Nov/2001:23:07:00
    Really nice site.
    Greetings from Zagreb, Croatia
    Jo Rivers   04/Nov/2001:03:30:22
    Roy W Freeborn   02/Nov/2001:00:29:25

    Have been a fan all my life 58 years old finding his music is like finding gold except for merle and george and a small groupe of others their is no country music made today he should be in hall of fame like don gibson who is being skiped over too
    Peter Metil 31/Oct/2001:23:31:36
    Just a Great Site !!!

    A wonderful Tribute to the Memory of your Father.

    Hope he gets inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

    Peter Metil.
    METCO Realty Corporation of Canada Limited.
    Toronto, Ontario.
    e-mail: metcorealty@trebnet.com
    Ed Morris   28/Oct/2001:21:13:49
    I worked as a Country music d.j. for several years; and I'm sad to say
    I'm disappointed Wynn Stewart is NOT in the Country Music Hall of Fame,
    yet Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley???, and Waylon Jennings are!!! What a
    glenn mitchell   28/Oct/2001:17:53:46
    I enjoyed Mr. Stewart's music growing up. I wa wondering whee I could
    get a copy or the words to "Wishful Thinking". It's a great song that
    should be redone. A certain smash country record.
    Ron Babiarz   26/Oct/2001:20:01:36
    Thank you so very much for this tribute to Wynn Stewart...one of the
    true mega-superstars of country music...when it was REAL country music.
    Thank the Lord we still can listen to Lefty, Merle, Wynn, George Jones,
    Jim Reeves, Hank Snow, Ferlin Husky, and Patsy on stations like WSM-AM
    on the net and on their respective CDs. Also, Buck Owens needs to be
    included in that mega-supertar class...and we can listen to him live
    with his fabulous Buckaroos every Friday and Saturday night at 8pm on
    the net by going to www.buckowens.com Thanks, again, for this web site
    tribute to the great Wynn Stewart.

    ron babiarz
    santee, ca
    Robert Humphreys   26/Oct/2001:13:14:30

    What a shame such a great artist was taken from us so
    early and young. His music of 30+ years ago is better than
    any of this modern cross-over stuff we hear on today's radio
    unless you're fortunate enough to get WSM, 650 and Eddie
    Stubbs on the computer. Mine is on all day, thus I can hear
    the "good Stuff" . Included are: Marty, ET, Hank Snow, Mr.
    Acuff, Ray Price, Grandpa Jones, Hank Thompson, Hank Williams,
    Warner Mack, Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, Johnny Russell, Cowboy
    Copas, Jim Reeves, Wilma Lee -&- Stoney, Hawkshaw Hawkins,
    Skeets McDonald, willie Nelson, Jim -&- Jesse, Hank Locklin, Tex
    Ritter, The Wilburns, The Louvins, The Browns, Bill Monroe,
    Stonewell J., Bill Phillips, Paycheck, The Walkers (Billy-&-
    Charlie), and many I haven't listed along with the Great
    Wynn Stewart. I'm sure WSM is one of a very few stations who
    the nerve to play these artists in today's commercialized
    country music industry. Justin Tubb's record of about 23
    years ago said it best: "What's Wrong With The Way We'r
    Mary McDonald   25/Oct/2001:23:00:14
    Love to listen to Wynn Stewart, I will stick with "Wishful Thinking".He
    deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame..Good Luck!
    ANNE ALEXANDER XXXXXXXX 20/Oct/2001:01:51:41
    Have been a fan of Wynn's for many a years and am really behind you at
    getting him voted into the the Country Hall of Fame. Have tried for
    amny a years to buy his music with no luck. There is just no place in
    our area of CANADA that sells the "good old country music" like your
    father sang. There will never be another song as well liked as "It's
    Such a Pretty World" Hope we are able to buy the CD you put out in
    honour of your Dad here in Canada . Please keep us informed. Your
    Dad would be awfully proud of you for all that you are trying to do.
    Good Luck.
    John N. Wood   20/Oct/2001:01:09:53
    Lars Hanson   16/Oct/2001:18:27:28
    I first became aware of Wynn Stewart after hearing great covers of his
    songs by other artists like Dwight Yoakam. Mr. Stewart is now one of
    my favorite country artists.
    Dana Michaud   14/Oct/2001:10:39:30
    I cannot believe this website is available. I've searched for Wynn's
    music for years, and here it is. Thank you for creating this site.
    Wynn's music is some of the absolute best music ever written, sang, and
    B.Belcher   11/Oct/2001:21:22:27
    John M Robel   11/Oct/2001:16:10:44
    Margarie Israel MIDNIGHT BLUE country music 11/Oct/2001:03:53:41
    I love the music you are allowing us country music lovers to hear. Your
    Father did some wonderful songs. He had a loving, thoughtful, caring
    and sharing life. His memory lives on in all that he did for this world
    that he enjoyed. I thank him for his music, and I thank you for your
    moving forward with his talents that are still very much alive for all
    of us to enjoy.
    Jim Sherman   10/Oct/2001:03:58:21
    James E.Denman   09/Oct/2001:01:49:38
    What a voice, as I sit here I am listening to Wynn's very best album,
    having been an avid fan of Hillbilly music(Yes I said Hillbilly) I like
    it like it was and Wynn Stewart epitomised the very being of our kind
    of music. My favorite song on this album is "I don't feel at home". but
    they are all great. Wynn Stewart belongs in the Hall of Fame as does so
    many of the old timers that have been neglected. It is sad to say that
    Wynn would not be a star today not because of any lack of talent, but
    because he would not be given the opportunity. I am 62 years young now
    and have been a fan since I was 5 and I have gathered enough original
    hillbilly albums to last me the remainder of my life. and I still find
    some good ones thanks to outlets like Borders. and a few others. Like
    the good old USA the pundits can't deprive us of quality music. Thanks
    Wynn,from the bottom of my heart.
    Jutta   08/Oct/2001:06:52:12
    You are doing a great job with this site in keeping the memories of
    your Dad and his music alive! He was one of the most influencal singer
    in country music and it's a shame that he still isn't in the Hall of
    Fame where he already would have belonged while he was alive. this
    music industry really sucks and ignore the best talents as well as the
    legends of Country Music!
    DWAYNE GILLIAM   04/Oct/2001:21:48:25
    Richard Storer   01/Oct/2001:02:35:49
    He was my favorite singerin early sixties.
    ANTONIETTE   01/Oct/2001:02:14:57
    Steven Flowers IndiosPlace 29/Sep/2001:15:41:30
    Wynn Stewart was an all-time great. always loved his music

    Nancy P.   29/Sep/2001:05:41:31
    I wanted to learn a little more about Wynn Stewart after hearing a
    reference to him in a a great song/tribute to Bakersfield musicians
    called "Bouncin' Beer Cans Off the Jukebox" on the Dallas Wayne
    CD "Here I Am in Dallas". Obviously Wynn had a strong influence on some
    great musicians who came after him. Nice web site!
    Jimmy Clark Kangaroo Amp Covers 28/Sep/2001:01:27:41
    You should be in the hall of fame -&- then
    Jason Bolinger   27/Sep/2001:03:35:39
    Just wanted to let you know how important a discovery Wynn has been for
    me. As a songwriter and performer here in Nashville, I try to
    incorporate songs like "Come On" into my show. I have a different stage
    name than that of above. But, it never ceases to amaze me at how many
    people ask me who Wynn Stewart is and I let them know. Congratulations
    on a sight well done, I will continue to spread the goodness of Wynn's
    music. I especially like the music he did with Jan Howard on Starday.
    Have a wonderful day and God bless you.
    Dennis Skagen Canada's Guitar Player 24/Sep/2001:04:33:48
    Everone in Canada loved and Respected Wynn Stewart.
    I have had the great pleasure of performing his music on stage
    many,many times.
    Wynn Stewart was one of the all time best in the world and I had a deep
    respect for him, both as an artist, and a gentleman.
    perry fields   24/Sep/2001:04:10:38
    Colin Gittens   20/Sep/2001:16:22:56
    Some sent previously, but again, great job and thanks for keeping the
    memory and talents of Wynn Stewart alive.
    BRENDA FIELDS   13/Sep/2001:19:37:37
    Chuck Barnes Chuck Barnes Band 12/Sep/2001:18:58:37
    Definitely got my vote for hall of fame!
    Eddy Mattos   09/Sep/2001:16:47:27
    I have listened to WYNN STEWART music since 1968. I have also had the
    pleasure of working / playing drums, behind WYNN STEWART. I believe
    HE was and still is, the most under rated country singer of all time.
    It's Such A Pretty World, is just a taste of his greatness. His vocal
    could bring a tear to your eye or make you smile. I always love his
    song "I'll Never Forget Ole What's Her Name" as well as; Angel's
    Don't Lie. I believe HE had a song called Color Me Daddy; I hope I
    have that title correct but it was a killer song.
    Nashville has been asleep for a long time now but I hope they wake up
    If they don't it truly will be a "SAD SONG".
    What can I do to help your work to get WYNN STEWART into the HALL OF
    I'll always remember WYNN STEWART.

    Ted Hobbs   09/Sep/2001:13:34:11
    66 years old--Been a country music fan since child-hood.Have been
    performing in public since early 60s.Wynne certainly deserves to be in
    Hall of Fame.
    dona burgess   08/Sep/2001:03:41:19
    He should be in the hall of fame. I heard that song
    on the kmart commerial and could not think of who sang
    it but i remembered it so clear that i went to Maine
    and asked everybody if they remembered it and they
    all new the song but no one remembered who sang it
    but on country classics on the dish network i heard
    it again and finely new who sang it. It was a great
    song,I loved it. (it,s such a pretty world today)
    Jim   05/Sep/2001:05:12:47
    As a former DJ I played Wynn's music many times, "It Such a Pretty
    World today" always was a favorite of mine and the listeners. I live
    in Canada but had the chance to work with many of the greats of country
    music. I enjoyed the pictures of the Biffer and Wynn together. Dad
    would be proud of how you have worked on this site, let's get this
    great humble man into the hall of fame, where he deserves and belongs.
    Tim starkie   04/Sep/2001:10:23:05
    Dalton Fuller   03/Sep/2001:23:51:44
    Kevin Harrington   01/Sep/2001:02:02:10

    There's even more on Page 2


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