Tidwell Family Info


Howdy Partner! Thanks for visiting! So you want to know more about us?
Well we are from TEXAS Texas.gif
where there are lots of cowboy.gif and Longhorn.gif.
We have 4 horses and a pony, who sleep in a barn3.gif,

and a Brittany Spaniel who never seems to stop barking.

We do lots of things together as a family, including

riding in playdays (horse competitions), camping, going to the zoo

and Six Flags, just to name a few.



Kirk (the daddy) works for AT&T Wireless as the Supply Chain Systems Manager. He graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Business Administration. His favorite things to do are :

  • deer hunting
  • fishing
  • camping
  • scuba diving
  • surfing the net, studying the stock market
  • riding horses
  • vegetable gardening (not since we had kids)
  • an occasional game of golf (not since we had kids)


Wren (the mommy) works at a Computer outsourcing company and is a Project Leader of programmers supporting the Financial systems. She graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Business Computer Information Systems. Her favorite things to do are:


Tyler (the kid) is the light of our lives and a laugh every day.
His favorite things to do are:

  • be silly
  • wrestle with his daddy
  • play with his Rescue Heroes toys
  • build stuff with Leggos
  • ride his pony
  • read books
  • go to grandma's house (either one)
  • go to Burger King or McDonalds

Troy was born March 9, 2000. His favorite things to do are:

  • play cars & trucks
  • play with his big brother
  • go outside & play football
  • go to CiCi's pizza
  • watch Blues Clues

This is my sister, Tatia Stewart McCord, with her husband, Russell. Tatia trains and shows border collies. Russell works for the NCHA. They have two beautiful children, Mindy and Cole. You can see their pictures on the Wynn's grandkids page.