(the following story is in the words of Wynn's ex-wife, Dolores)

"In the late 50's Buck was trying hard to get a record deal but none of the major labels would give him a chance. Wynn really believed in him and pushed a tape of Buck's to Ken Nelson, at Capitol Records. After Ken replied that he wasn't impressed, Wynn pushed again until finally, Ken agreed to sign Buck. This was Buck Owen's first major record deal with Capitol Records and who knows if we would even know his name today if it weren't for the efforts of Wynn since almost all of Buck's albums came from Capitol Records. Buck recorded his first Capitol album later in 1961."

Here is an excerpt from a Bakersfield write-up about Ken Nelson :

"The black binder reminds Nelson of a landmark date: Aug. 30, 1957, the day he signed Owens. He’d known Buck for some time before that, of course, from Owens’ guitar-playing sessions in Hollywood behind Collins, the Farmer Boys and others. Buck had tried long and hard to get himself a contract, but Nelson didn’t seem all that interested. “I was, you know, ‘Go away, boy, ya bother me,’ ” Nelson says, feigning mild irritation. Buck remembers it differently: He says he never personally asked Nelson about joining Capitol although others asked on his behalf."

"Buck Owens also played guitar with Wynn's band at the Nashville Nevada in the early 60's".

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