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What others have said about the box set...

"The boxed set arrived today, okay. Thank you so much. It seemed like forever from when I first heard about the release a few years ago until today. I can't wait to set down and listen to all of it. I can still remember where I was when I first heard "Keeper of the Key" on the radio."

"I got the 10-CD Box Set of WYNN STEWART today!!! Hoorah!!!
I put the first two CDs in my car, but couldn't get past the sixth cut on the first CD. "You Took Her Off My Hands" has been one of my all-time favorite Country Songs ever and I just can't get passed that cut. I keep hitting the replay button (about 20 times so far) while on my way to work this afternoon. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

When I think of all the GREAT songs he has recorded, that song is one of my all-time favorites. When I met him in Milwaukee in 1968, I told him that "Another Day, Another Dollar" was my favorite of his even though he had "Sha Marie" and "It's Such a Pretty World Today" as his big hits."

"Of the first five songs, I really like "Throw a Little Wood on the Fire" and "After All" especially. Hard to believe they didn't think enough of it to release it. But then I'm a little bit biased. After listening to it, it had a little Hank Williams flavor to it. I could imagine him singing some of Ol' Hank's songs. Even back then, his style was so distinctive and all his own.

I can't thank you enough for sending it along and Bear Family Records for putting the whole catalog together. I thought I died and went to heaven with I got the 2-LP set way back when. This beats everything. Christmas came in July today. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"

"I am letting you know we got the box set today, we are so very pleased it finally got here. This will make my husbands day!! We are overjoyed to be able to have this and to be one of the first ten to order it. Isn't the internet wonderful? We would probably never known about this if we didn't have this computer. The state of Maine is last to recieve anything new. I hope the next step will be the Hall of Fame for Wynn, it's long overdo. Thanks for being so prompt."

"Many thanks for your prompt attention. I have received the set and am currently listening to CD3. The biography is great - even though it is a hard criticism of Wynn at times. I just ponder on the fate that makes one singer very popular (Buck) and another just doesn't quite get there. You are to be congratulated on a great set, which I will much enjoy for years to come."

"My Wynn Stewart box set arrived today and I'm thrilled. I've been waiting years for this, even though I have quite an extensive collection of his LPs."

"The boxed set came today and my husband listened to disk one before he had to leave. He said, "As far as I'm concerned, we've already got our money's worth". I have to agree. I have continued on without him, and disk two is great! I can hear the development of his style through the years. There are some beautiful songs on here, and we haven't even gotten to the songs I can remember and loved. Thanks for this labor of love."

"Hey, Wren, received the box set and am listening to it NOW. Love it. Thank you, it was long overdue. Now, hope for landslide sales."


"I received it yesterday and I have listened to the first 3 disks. AWESOME is the word to use I think. Your dad was a terrffic singer what a voice !!"

"I received my boxed set on 08/04/00 and have been duely impresed since I opened the package. I must say that after hearing the second CD 40 years just seemed to slip away and I was young kid again living in California. So far the second CD is the one that has really hit home with the songs that I recall. I must admit that I have only listed to the first 4 CD's and am taking my time to go through them. They sure do bring back a lot of memories. It is great to hear Ralph Mooney at his best and I knew that it was Buck singing some backup even before I read the book. Roy Nicholes was one of the greatest guitar players ever , only a few artists ever get a band such as your father had.

I feel very honored to have such a collection of music and to hear the old "West Coast Sound" is sure better that what comes out of Nashburg today."

"Well, I've finally worked my way through all 10 CD's (I think!), and I have to tell you, it is just marvelous - a collection to be treasured. Up til now my Wynn Stewart collection consisted of the Challenge and Wrangler LP's plus the first four Capitol LP's, and, of course, the California Country CD. Except for "Keeper Of The Key", I hadn't heard any of Wynn's Intro or Capitol recordings from the 50's - and wow, they sure are great. His 1957 version of "Sweethearts In Heaven" is terrific - as good, or better, than the one by Buck Owens and Rose Maddox. Too bad it was never released - I'm sure it would have been a big hit. I was also amazed at the steel guitar on "Hungry Heart" - I didn't think Ralph Mooney played that way as early as 1958. And the instrumental of "Orange Blossom Special" on Disc 4 is the best version I've ever heard.

The booklet was very informative with all the wonderful photos. I love the way Bear Family does the discographies, with the session locations, musicians, etc. I was surprised to learn that "It's Such A Pretty World Today" was recorded in Nashville, and that Jimmie Collins played steel rather than Ralph Mooney. It sounded a lot like Ralph, but then I guess a lot of steel players were imitating Ralph in those days."

"I received the boxed set today. This is the best money I've spent since I bought the Darrell McCall boxed set a few years back. Thank you for your efforts in this project."

"I got the package in this afternoon's mail and have opened it and have played JUST CD 1. All I can say as a loooong time Wynn Stewart fan is thank you, thank you, thank you. I am sure the boxed set will not only renew "old memorys" of songs, but as I can already see, there is a wealth of stuff I have never heard. This tribute to one of the unrecognized greats is long overdue."

"I received the set today and I love it. Consider me a happy fan and would willingly tell anyone how wonderful this music is. "

"Thanks so much for the box set! I am a big west coast honky tonk fan and this has exceeded my very high expectations. I really appreciate the fact that you have included EVERYTHING Wynn recorded. The West Coast sound is not complete without this set. "

"Thanks very much! Received the box set last Thursday and we're enjoying the music. Great voice, great music and a great biography booklet, what else can one ask for! We have most of Wynn's albums & 45's but didn't know that he had so many other songs that we have not heard before. "

"I received my box set a couple of weeks ago and have listened to all of it. The entire collection shines throughout. It's been about fifteen years since I first heard "Wishful Thinking" on a Berkeley college radio station which prompted me to hit the record stores in search of the tune. I finally found the album in a used record shop and continued to search for more of this man's music whenever I had the chance. I really can't think of a better singer than Wynn Stewart. His phrasing was absolutely incredible. These sleeveless, over digitally produced "hat acts" out in Nashville would do well to take lessons, volumes 1-10 in this collection, so they can learn what country music sounds like. Then maybe we can turn on our radios again. Until then I guess it's just wishful thinkin. Thanks so much!
Steve and Paula Goodbar Prescott, AZ. "


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