The BIOGRAPHY of Wynn Stewart

The Untimely Ending


On July 17, 1985, at the age of 51, he died of a heart attack while at his home. He was just about to leave for a tour of Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas, with a new band, a new bus, a new wardrobe, new songs, and a new manager, Charlie Ammerman. He had just recorded a new album, as well, that never made it to print. I personally have a copy of this album, on cassette, and it is some of the most powerful singing he ever did. Thanks to the Bear Family of Germany, these last recordings are now available on the box set to be enjoyed by all of his fans. These songs represent Wynn's incredible musical talent that continued to develop and mature like a fine wine.

(webmaster's note: Wynn did not write "Above and Beyond" or
"It's Such a Pretty World" as the above article states)

Wynn was buried back in Willard, Missouri, ominously close to Branson, where he should be playing this very day. Ralph Mooney called him "the best singer who ever lived". He was Waylon's favorite too. He should have been as successful as Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, both of whom he helped get started. If you listen to Merle's earliest recordings, you will hear a lot of Wynn's influence and a very similar sound.

Wynn had such high character that he was always helping others advance their careers, sometimes in exchange for promoting himself. If success meant stepping on someone's toes, he wouldn't do it. He didn't have the "whatever it takes" attitude that Merle and Buck both had.

On 8/24/85, his last recorded single "Wait Till I Get My Hands On You", was released but it was only on the charts for 1 week, barely reaching the charts at #98. He also recorded a duet with Johnny Paycheck, "The Wild Side of Life", which was never released.

Wynn sang with absolute authority. He had such a distinguished style that you could immediately tell it was him when you heard his voice. He was a very natural singer and considered to be the best by many in the industry. Even with his limited appearances on the charts, to this day, you would be hard pressed to find anyone in the music business who doesn't recognize his name and know the kind of immense talent he had.

Wynn Stewart belongs in the Country Music Hall of Fame !!!

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