You Don't Care What Happens To Me
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One of the things that keeps Wynn Stewart's performances so vacuum-packed fresh is that he always has an ear open for a good new song. This album is just stuffed full of them too. "I Bought the Shoes That Just Walked Out on Me" is a hot-off-the-griddle Steve Stone-Red Simpson ballad while "You Can't Wynn, Stewart" stands on its own as a catchy-new nifty novelty song (a Wynn original) that "features" almost every one of Country music's top entertainers.

Going right down the line, it so happens that every song here is brand new... with two exceptions. The first is the beautiful title song "You Don't Care What Happens To Me", written by music master, Fred Rose. The second is Merle Haggard's touching ballad, "Today I Started Loving You Again", soon to become a Country classic.

Altogether this bunch of new songs and pair of familiar ones combine to make a Wynn Stewart album bubbling over with delicious sounds and an enthusiasm that's as catchy as the just might top every other album Wynn's made to date!


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