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How are great Country and Western stars made? The answer is simple: they're not made, they're born. And Wynn Stewart is a shining example of a young man graced with a huge talent and an inherent understanding of how to use it for everyone's pleasure.

To back up the claim, here is Wynn's first Capitol album - a rousing collection of his most recent hits, together with a few of his less familiar but equally great songs. And to make matters even more spectacular, he's had a hand in writing a good many of them...all-time country winners like, "Half of This, Half of That"; "You Took Her Off My Hands"; "Happy Crazy"; "My Rosalie"; among others. Wynn sings them all with the sincere feelings of a man who knows exactly what he's up to.

And he does! Starting almost earlier than he can remember, Wynn began flexing his vocal chords for anyone who cared to listen. At the ripe old age of five, he got his first public hearing where so many of the world's greatest Country and Western performers have planted their roots, the small country church. In Wynn's case the church was in Morrisville, Missouri, in the heart of a fertile farm belt where he was born and raised on the family homestead. Inspired by religious music and radio broadcasts of such immortals as Red Foley, Eddy Arnold, and Hank Thompson, it wasn't long before young Stewart taught himself to play the guitar in the old farmhouse... his parents and two younger sisters, often taking quiet refuge in the barn.

Along with a hard-driving Western band which he organized, Wynn was soon filling the air waves with his own special blend of music. Indeed, he enjoyed such widespread success that he established a real Country music hall in, of all places, Las Vegas. From the day it opened, the Nashville Nevada Club hosted capacity audiences with true Country entertainment almost every night of the week. A short time later, Capitol Records signed the twenty-two year old Missourian to a memorable long-term contract. The results of this partnership have been nothing short of phenomenal; Wynn's double-barrelled knack for singing and composing has gathered many devoted country fans around the Stewart banner.

What makes a great Country and Western star? As we've already said, born talent like Wynn Stewart's. But like so many artists, he gives much of the credit to others; Ken Nelson, his friend and producer; the members of his band who have given him such fine instrumental support; to Mrs. Fuller, his fan club president who persuaded so many folks to give Wynn that all-important first listen; and many others too numerous to mention here.

Wynn is grateful to all of them... and here is his special way of fulfilling the faith so many placed in him. THE SONGS OF WYNN STEWART - a program of some of the finest Country and Western music on record.

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