It's Such a Pretty World Today
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This album went to Number 1 on 9/2/1967. The title song was voted the Song of the Year and was certified gold. It was the biggest song of Wynn Stewart's career.

"A flower needs the earth to make it grow, a river needs the rains to make it flow"...and the finest in Country music needs a four-star talent like Wynn Stewart to beautifully express its vast and versatile world of words and music.

Well, there's no cause for alarm! The world of Country and Western music has its Wynn Stewart and, as a delightful result, it has great songs like Wynn's latest and perhaps greatest C&W chart-topper, "It's Such a Pretty World Today". Indeed, it's an even prettier world when Missouri's favorite-son-of-song combines his big hit with a whole program of equally fine love songs and comes up with an eagerly awaited for second Wynn Stewart album bonanza.

Actually Stewart is a kind of two-time-Wynner. Yes, many of the songs that Wynn sings are the songs that Wynn composed. For example, there's his rhythmic ballad You Told Him that describes those hurting times when you discover the truth about your guy or gal by way of the grapevine. Other Stewart originals include such melodic tales of love and heartache as the plaintive Unfaithful Arms and the too-beautiful-to-describe Out There is Your World. There's also The Tourist which examines his hometown girl's dismal flirtation with Broadway and the "Great White Way" as well as the enthusiastic and sprightly love match, Half Way in Love. But "Stewart composed-Stewart performed" music isn't the only highlight of the album. He sings Liz Anderson's lively mouthful I Keep Forgettin' That I Forgot About You with all the nimble vocal powers at his command. Likewise, Fuzzy Owen's bittersweet Ol' What's Her Name and Bobby Wayne's nostalgic Let's Pretend We're Kids Again display Wynn's unique ability to meaningfully interpret the real love complications of real people.

In the words of 'Cause I Have You, "true love's songs need inspiration"...and singer-composer Wynn Stewart certainly has it. In fact, that's why "It's Such a Pretty World" when he's around.

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