Loves Gonna Happen To Me
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"Love's Gonna Happen To Me" is the new Wynn Stewart hit that gives this album it's name.

But don't let that title mislead you.

You can take it from me, Wynn Stewart already has more than one love affair going. You want a for instance? For instance, there's no mistaking Wynn is in love with country music, from the great way he sings a country song.

Put him up in front of an audience, and the whole feeling becomes warmly mutual, as witness his repeated jam-packed personal appearances around the country.

Then there's that thing he has going with composing, too. Only a man who was just naturally smitten with songwriting could turn out, one after another, fine songs with a warm country feeling like "Daddy's Girl", "Loversville", "That's The Only Way to Cry", and the other nice ones Wynn wrote for this album.

That "just naturally" feeling has a lot to do, also, with Wynn's magnetism as a singer. A friend of his and mine once said, "Wynn sings just as great a song sitting across the table from you as he does in a recording studio, on a stage, or on a bandstand." What he meant was, singing comes as natural to Wynn as talking. That undoubtedly accounts for the easy excellence of Wynn's singing style, which so many people have commented on. Wynn likes to sing, and people have always liked to hear him sing, and the result is a Wynn Stewart vocal goes down as smoothly as warm, spiced cider on a cold November night.

Wynn began singing and picking at an old guitar when he was a little boy on his father's farm in Missouri. Soon he was singing on KWTO, Springfield, and when he was 14 and his family moved to California, Wynn organized a country band and started to play radio shows in Los Angeles and Hollywood. He signed his first recording contract at 16, and his first countract with Capitol Records when he was 20.

As I said before, a natural. Just a few months ago, Wynn naturaled his way right to the top of the hit lists with two very big-time recordings, "It's Such a Pretty World Today" and "Cause I Have You". Now, here Wynn is back again, and this time he has a whole album full of Wynn-ers. Starting off with "Love's Gonna Happen To Me".

I guarantee you, love's gonna happen to you, when you hear them.

Gary Perkins
Program Director
Radio Station KHEY
El Paso, Texas

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