Let the Whole World Sing it With Me
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Wynn Stewart's at home on the range at a fair in Austin, Texas and on the stage of a civic auditorium in Peoria, Illinois and at a special guest appearance on a radio program in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Wynn can feel comfortable in any of these places and many others throughout the country because that's where his fans are. In big, booming, sophisticated cities and in tiny quiet villages, Wynn Stewart fans abound, always ready with a red carpet when Wynn and the Tourists come to town.

The reason for Wynn's great and lasting popularity with Country music lovers is his exceptional ability to put into music almost anything that can happen to a human being. Take love for instance. Love can happen to anybody, but not just anybody can put into words the way love makes a person feel. That's where Wynn comes in with his unique talent for putting into words and music exactly what love is and how it can affect us all.

Included here is Wynn's latest single "Let the Whole World Sing it With Me", written by Dale Noe who's supplied Wynn with quite a number of hit songs, you can be sure that this one's bound for the top of the charts, too. Along with Bobby Bishop, Wynn tries his masterful hand at songwriting with "Strings", a lush lovesong meant for a lonely Saturday night. "Who are You", "The Keeper of the Key", and "Wishful Thinking" are three more outstanding examples of how Wynn Stewart as a songwriter and a performer makes his way straight to the heart of an emotion and explains in music just how it can make you feel. All these songs plus the seven others here put Wynn Stewart in the spotlight, showing him off as one of the those rare artists, who remain just like the people living in Austin, Peoria, and Cedar Rapids - involved with the emotions of living and wrapped up in an urge to tell what those emotions are like. And the telling he does through his music, you must agree, is something he's very good at.


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