It's a Beautiful Day
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Song List's a beautiful album. The more you listen to it the better it gets. You might say it's something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. It's all those things. And it's beautiful.

With this fine collection of songs - each one different and special - Wynn seems to have grown into a better artist than ever before (if that's possible). He covers it all - just about every human emotion that a man will experience in his life. He brings you face to face with the things that really happen to real people every day, all over the country. He makes you feel fear, loneliness, nostalgia...many different aspects of, gratitude, jealousy, bereavement, revenge, tears, disappointment, desolation, laughter and regret. And the way he instills those emotions in these songs makes each of them more meaningful than they were before. You can feel it. He knows.

You'll find Country classics by writers like Bob Wills and Harlan Howard. There's a great interpretation of Charlie Pride's current hit, "Wonder Could I live There Anymore". Then Wynn has done something new. He took oustanding hits from the pop field, songs as different as "Rainy Night in Georgia" and "It's All in the Game" and did them country style - with that special Wynn Stewart feeling. Finally there's some very fine new material like "Heavenly" and the title tune, "It's a Beautiful Day" which is Wynn's latest gift to the popularity charts.

It's all a modern coming-together in the great Country tradition. And that's beautiful!

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