Wynn Stewart-In Love
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Wynn Stewart, in love, sings a bundle of lovely ballads, some lamenting the loss of a good woman like "A Tough Row to Hoe" while others glory in a different kind of love. "There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere" for instance, shows Wynn's deep love for his country while "Louisiana Blues Harp Man" gives him a chance to demonstrate his love for good rhythmic Country music.

A song to listen to often and heed well is the title song. It was first released as a single by Wynn and it's packed full of good advice for would-be Don Juans. When you come right down to it, Wynn Stewart, is really an expert on love songs and that's because he's been singing and writing them ever since he was a teenager. Included here is Wynn's "A Thousand Wonders". It praises all the wonderful ways of a woman Wynn once must have known very well. "Missing You", another love song, but in a sadder vein, must be one of Wynn's favorites, for with outstanding backing by the Tourists, he sings this one with all the natural tenderness and careful phrasing that have made him so famous.

Wynn Stewart, in love with the ups and downs of romance, in love with America and most of all, in love with his music is a real and lasting listening pleasure for everyone who shares his many loves.

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