Above and Beyond the Call of Love
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Perhaps one of the most oft-told of all show business tales is the overnight success story. The story with the Cinderella-like plot where the good guy gets tapped with a magic wand and is suddenly rid of his rags, riding off into the susnset with a team of snow-white horses, the heroine and all the fame and fortune he can carry.

Since it's such an oft-told tale, there's no reason why it can't be told about Wynn Stewart - with a few of our own minor alterations.

Like old Cinderella, Wynn Stewart worked and sweated over a hot guitar all day long for many years ("overnight success" often takes many years), learning his trade and dreaming of one day being the top hand in the bunkhouse.

Now our hero had some mean old stepbrothers, named Badbreak and Wrongsong, who didn't like the idea of Wynn leaving the homestead and mingling with the Big Wheels about town - so they kept him pretty much cooped up where no one could find him. Every once in a while, though, he'd slip out of the house for a walk around the corral, but along would come old Badbreak to run him back in the kitchen right quick. Then he'd try to slip out again, but there would be Wrongsong making sure he got nowhere.

For a whole bunch of years, Wynn's mean old stepbrothers would tease him and say hateful things, like "Why don't you change your name to Lose?" and other distasteful things of that nature, but Wynn just kept on working, telling himself that someday he would be King of the Club.

Anyhow, as you probably guessed, this magical godfather, by the name of Rightsong, came along and smacked Wynn across the head with one of those sticks that has a star on top. This caused Wynn to jump up immediately and proclaim, "Ouch!" (Those sticks hurt). Just when Wynn was about to hit Rightsong with his guitar, the magical godfather pointed out a secret path in the cellar which led straight to the heart of town.

(You're probably asking yourself, "What kind of way is that to end a story?" Well, the answer is really pretty simple. Once our boy was right out there in the thick of things with Rightsong, thre was no holding him back. He recorded "It's Such a Pretty World Today" and sure enough, the record went straight to the top. But unlike Cinderella and guys like that, Wynn's story didn't end there. In fact, it's just beginning.)

Now you've been wasting an awful lof time reading this little fairy tale when you could be sitting back listening to Wynn Stewart sing. (Let's face it, if I could sing like Wynn Stewart,, I wouldn't be writing notes like these).

P.S. Not only does he sing well, but he's nice to his family, too.

Tom McEntee


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